• DNA Profile Matching System
    Find the match you are looking for
  • Criminal Investigations
    Find the investigative lead you are looking for
        Automatically match Known Offender to Evidence DNA samples
        Receive hit notifications via text or e-mail
        Full audit trail ensures policy compliance
  • Law Enforcement Portal
    "My Cases" Dashboard
        Register Cases
        Track DNA Location
        Link DNA to Cases
        Monitor Lab Progress
        See Your Cases
        Review Hits
  • Disaster Victim Identification
    Find the family member you are looking for
        Draw pedigree trees to document relationships
        Automatic searching using familial likelihood ratios
        Review and disposition potential matches
Case Management

Investigating officers can register new cases, associate DNA evidence with those cases then track the status of the DNA processing at the lab. Once a DNA profile is generated and uploaded into the database they can review hits.

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Automatic Hit Notification

Receive automatic hit notifications on your computer or mobile device for all cases or just those that you are working.

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Scaleable Architecture

Easily supports the creation of databases that hold millions of profiles with match times measured in milliseconds.

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Import Profiles

DNA profiles can be imported from a number of sources including: legacy databases, laboratory results or directly from Rapid DNA instruments.

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Familial Match Support

Integrated familial matching permits authorized users to search the database for close relatives of a target DNA profile.

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Custom Match Stringencies

Flexible match stringencies allow you to define what constitutes a match within your community.

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Usage Statistics
18 Sites
77 Ponds
2,300,000 Profiles