NMS Labs Pairs SmallPond™ Database Technology with RapidHIT® DNA Services
13 January 2015

NMS Labs Pairs SmallPond™ Database Technology with RapidHIT® DNA Services

January 13, 2015  -  Willow Grove, PA

NMS Labs has added the IntegenX Inc., RapidHIT® System for rapid human DNA identification, to its list of premium DNA services. Rapid DNA technology is making waves in the criminal justice field by providing DNA results in as little as 90 minutes. With this technology, NMS Labs will be able to offer DNA testing with unprecedented speed to provide crucial leads to active ongoing criminal investigations. The RapidHIT® technology is a less expensive and a faster alternative to traditional DNA testing methods currently available to law enforcement and other investigators.

Receiving DNA results quickly has been a long sought-after need in criminal justice, enabling investigators to quickly identify their strongest leads, eliminate possible suspects, and avoid unproductive and expensive dead ends in their investigations. The new process allows this testing to be performed in hours instead of weeks, months, or even years with current technology. Public crime laboratories DNA units are often increasingly overwhelmed with high priority casework, and many laboratories have been forced to limit the number of items accepted for testing in order to control costs and prevent gridlock. Rapid DNA technology opens the door for DNA to be used cost effectively in testing more probative evidence, and applying the benefits of DNA testing to solving property and other nonviolent crimes.

“NMS Labs has been carefully watching the development of Rapid DNA technology, and the IntegenX platform is the first to meet our rigorous standards for forensic casework,” said Dr. Christian Westring, Director of Criminalistics and Quality Manager at NMS Labs. “This new technology makes DNA a tool for use in the early stages of the investigation rather than simply to take the case to court.”

With Rapid DNA from NMS Labs, clients will also have access to SmallPond™ database technology. This enables DNA profiles to be uploaded into a local database system that allows police departments to store DNA profiles and compare them with reference samples from suspects, and with other unsolved cases to link scene to suspect, and create new investigative leads. The more samples that agencies add to their database, the more powerful the system becomes. Agencies can also choose to share their results with local partner agencies to add even more power to the technique.