NMS Labs and SmallPond Announce Commitment to Join Forces in Delivering Total Property Crimes Testing and Local DNA Databasing Solution for Law Enforcement
25 May 2016

NMS Labs and SmallPond Announce Commitment to Join Forces in Delivering Total Property Crimes Testing and Local DNA Databasing Solution for Law Enforcement

WILLOW GROVE, Pa.-- Two industry leaders, Willow Grove, PA-based NMS Labs and Fishers, IN-based SmallPond, LLC have joined forces to provide law enforcement with a complete, innovative solution for property crimes testing and local DNA databasing. Their intent is to offer a total solution that enables investigating officers to quickly obtain top-quality DNA analysis and implement a local DNA database using the web-based software, SmallPond™.

SmallPond™ is a DNA profile matching technology that enables DNA profiles to be uploaded into a local database. DNA profiles are stored and compared with reference samples from suspects and with other unsolved cases to link a scene to a suspect and to create new investigative leads. The more samples agencies add to their database, the more powerful it becomes. Agencies can choose to share their results with neighboring agencies to add even more power to the matching technology.

Following DNA analysis, NMS Labs provides no hassle auto-upload of the DNA results into the local database. Automatic hit notification with detailed DNA match results allows for rapid use of the investigative lead. Dr. Christian Westring, Director of Criminalistics at NMS Labs, said, "This solution brings together two essential parts of a forensically defensible crime fighting tool-- sensitive and reliable DNA analysis and local DNA databasing using the latest DNA profile matching technology.”

“Property crimes have high recidivism rates and make up the overwhelming majority of crimes in suburban and rural communities. Therefore, a local database can offer huge benefits. When faced with a DNA match, a criminal is more likely to pursue a plea deal instead of prosecution, which saves time and money,” commented Scott Rulong, President at SmallPond.

DNA analysis and DNA databasing make up some of the best crime fighting tools available to law enforcement. These leading organizations are coming together in response to the need for a rapid, reliable investigative tool for law enforcement.

About NMS Labs:

Since 1970, NMS Labs has been a leader in professional laboratory testing with an impeccable reputation in science and service. NMS Labs is best known for its innovation and ability for introducing new tests to meet the needs of the industries it serves. NMS Labs is passionate about promoting public health and safety. For more information on NMS Labs, please visit www.nmslabs.com.

About SmallPond:

SmallPond™ is a private, web-based, DNA-Profile matching technology. It enables law enforcement and government agencies to maintain private databases of STR DNA-Profile information and provides for efficient matching of new DNA-Profile data against those databases to assist in the generation of leads and/or identification of individuals. For more information on SmallPond, please visit www.smallpondllc.com.



NMS Labs
Amanda Shirk, Marketing
SmallPond, LLC
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