Local Law Enforcement

Local databasing has proved to be an efficient tool for helping to generate investigative leads for high-volume property crimes within a community.  Use with Rapid DNA or private labs make this a self-contained and cost effective program.

State Law Enforcement

State-wide deployment of Rapid DNA instruments have been used in conjunction with SmallPond databasing to provide very efficient matching against the state's database.  This has proven to be a powerful tool for investigative lead generation.

National Law Enforcement

Countries without a national databasing program can quickly establish one using SmallPond.  SmallPond's high-performance and scaleable search engine easily enables databasing of millions of profiles.

Military Field Intelligence

With the mobile deployment of Rapid DNA instruments into military operations comes the need for fast and flexible databasing and matching functions.  SmallPond's web-based architecture makes for easy deployment.

Battlefield Identification

Whether identifying battlefield casualties by matching against a database of all military members or using DNA from living relatives, SmallPond can help with this important task.

Missing Persons

SmallPond's familial match features helps to identify missing persons by using the DNA of close relatives.  Applications include identification of deceased during border crossing attempts and identifying victims of human trafficking.

Border Protection

SmallPond, in conjunction with a Rapid DNA instrument, can be used to verify familial relationships, while they wait, as families present themselves at the border for immigration or travel purposes.

Mass Disaster Victim Identification

The identification of victims of mass disasters is compounded by the shock and grief of the surviving family members.  SmallPond's case-based DVI module can speed the identification and help bring closure to the tragedy.

Contamination Detection

Verifying that there was no cross-sample or operator contamination of DNA samples during lab processing can be an arduous task.  SmallPond can help automate this task saving valuable and improving quality.

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