SmallPond™ 2.8 Release Adds CODIS-Like Match Stringency Options
19 May 2015

SmallPond™ 2.8 Release Adds CODIS-Like Match Stringency Options

SmallPond, LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Gale Force Software Corporation, is pleased to announce the release of version 2.8 of its SmallPond™ DNA Profile Matching System. This release contains numerous new features and improvements:

New Features

  • Allows Random Match Probability (RMP) to be computed from one or more published and user defined population studies
  • Allows RMP to be displayed/hidden when displaying matches
  • Allows RMP numeric display format to be configurable
  • Allows RMP computational detail to be included on match reports
  • User-level filter support on data tables
  • Table contents can be exported
  • Site-configurable match dispositions
  • Custom fields support for imported profiles
  • Support for allele annotations
  • Support for Windows Server 2012 R2


  • Retain custom installation configuration for subsequent upgrades
  • Increased the default page width for the web user interface
  • Ad hoc query results always display the results spreadsheet
  • Implemented locus naming standard for handling special characters in locus names
  • Added support for applying Theta Correction Factor to RMP
  • Amelogenin and Y-loci are excluded from RMP calculations
  • Added support for CODIS-like match stringency options

To learn more about SmallPond™, please go to or visit us in Booth 609 at the National Sheriff's Association Annual Conference and Exhibition in Baltimore, MD from June 26-29, 2015.


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