ITSI-Biosciences Selects SmallPond™ for DNA Database in Africa
21 March 2014

ITSI-Biosciences Selects SmallPond™ for DNA Database in Africa

March 21, 2014  -  Fishers, IN

SmallPond, LLC is pleased to welcome ITSI-Biosciences, LLC to our growing list of customers. ITSI-Biosciences has licensed SmallPond™ software to provide DNA profile archival and familial search functions for a major DNA databasing effort underway by their client in Africa.

SmallPond™ is a leading DNA profile databasing and matching technology that allows you to easily create and maintain a private, local database of DNA profile information, and provides for efficient matching of new DNA profile data against the database to assist in the generation of investigative leads and/or identification of individuals

In addition to offering state-of-the-art bioanalytical products and services to the global scientific community, ITSI-Biosciences also provides services in biomedical research center design/development, tissue banking and biospecimen analysis. For more information about ITSI-Biosciences, contact Richard Somiari, PhD at (814)262-7331.

To learn more about SmallPond™ for DNA databasing applications, please go to or contact Eric White, Global Sales Manager.


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