Introducing the SmallPond™ Relationship Verifier
21 January 2016

Introducing the SmallPond™ Relationship Verifier

SmallPond, LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Gale Force Software Corporation, is excited to announce our new SmallPond™ Relationship Verifier (RV).  The RV application is a standalone, PC-based application that uses STR profile data to verify relationships between two or more individuals. 

The RV application can be used in conjunction with Rapid DNA instruments whenever timely relationship verification is crucial. Whether in verifying relationships at border crossings, immigration scenarios or for disaster victim identification, the RV application’s easy to use interface provides clear, concise answers.

It supports:

  • Verification of 5 different relationships types
  • Graphical representation of the pedigree tree
  • Drag and drop CMF files into pedigree tree nodes
  • Configurable threshold settings for Likelihood Ratio (LR) or Confidence % per relationship type
  • Configurable mutation warning for parent-child relationships
  • Works with any Population Study
  • Generate a detailed PDF report
  • Save and restore “projects” to your local directory

To learn more about SmallPond™, please go to or visit us in Booth 312 at the upcoming 68th Annual Scientific Meeting of the American Academy of Forensic Science in Las Vegas, NV from February 22-27, 2016.


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