SmallPond Selected for Bermuda’s National DNA Database
13 June 2016

SmallPond Selected for Bermuda’s National DNA Database

June 13, 2016, FISHERS, IN –Fishers, IN-based SmallPond LLC has joined forces with Indianapolis, IN-based Strand Analytical Laboratories and Hamilton, Bermuda-based Helix Genetic and Scientific Solutions to provide a turn-key solution for DNA testing and DNA databasing/matching to the Bermuda Police Service. Their solution will allow investigating officers to quickly obtain expert DNA analysis services and establish a national DNA database using the SmallPond™ software.

SmallPond is a DNA profile matching technology that enables DNA profiles to be uploaded into a database then automatically compared with reference samples from known individuals and with evidentiary samples from other cases to link a crime scene to a suspect thus creating new investigative leads. Additionally, agencies can choose to securely allow their profiles to be searched by neighboring agencies adding even more value to the matching technology.

 “The performance, scalability and customizability of SmallPond make it an ideal commercial, off-the-shelf solution for countries looking to establish national DNA databasing programs,” commented Scott Rulong, President at SmallPond.

Strand and Helix will both provide DNA analysis services. Once DNA analysis has been completed, the labs can upload the resulting DNA profiles into the national database. The labs will also provide expertise in evaluating matches generated by SmallPond.

Mr. James Howard, Superintendent, Bermuda Police Service, said, "Timely and accurate DNA lab services coupled with a robust DNA databasing tool are essential crime-fighting tools that will be indispensable in making Bermuda a safe place to live and work.”

About SmallPond:

SmallPond™ is a private, web technology-based, DNA-Profile matching technology. It enables law enforcement and government agencies to maintain private databases of STR DNA-Profile information and provides for efficient matching of new DNA-Profile data against those databases to assist in the generation of leads and/or identification of individuals.

About Strand Analytical Laboratories:

In 2005, Strand Analytical Laboratories was founded as a private forensic crime lab dedicated to assisting larger public crime labs with overflow casework. The company quickly built a reputation as a trusted forensics partner and helped labs around the country reduce backlog and solve more crimes in an efficient manner.

About HELIX Genetic and Scientific Solutions Ltd.:

HELIX laboratory is a private forensic science and DNA laboratory that provides a local (Bermuda) solution for law enforcement with customized professional forensic science services that are focused on client needs. HELIX provides DNA analysis, database management, gun-shot residue services, expert witness testimony, consulting and training in drug chemistry, toxicology, evidence handling and collection at crime scenes.

For more information, contact:

SmallPond, LLC, G. Scott Rulong, President;

Strand Analytical Laboratories, Dr. Gay Bush, Laboratory Director of Operations;

Helix Genetic and Scientific Solutions, Dr. Desiree Spriggs, Director of Operations;


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